The Centre

I started with a simple premise: To help you decode and address your body's distinct needs so you can, finally, realize the best health of your life! My practice is, and always will be, small. I know each patient by name, I know her story, her needs.  I have worked in the field for 22 years and studied for ten years prior to becoming licensed. I am dedicated to helping each patient get and remain healthy, to feel energetic, confident, and able to live life to the fullest. I partner with you in helping to create Your Ideal You. Time is plentiful at The Centre where you will find a soothing respite from hectic life, where you will be heard, respected and appreciated. Truly. Authentically. Your special story is the guiding force in helping me to help you achieve your highest health, youthful vibrance, mo jo! Appointments are easy to schedule and I would love to see you today.

So who am I?

I am an Advanced Practice Nurse who knew when I was a little girl that I wanted to help heal people and teach them about how to care for their bodies. Really. After several degrees, over twenty years experience in the medical field, I opened my Centre devoted to optimal health and healing instead of treating disease after it was present. The goal remains to welcome you, listen to you, educate you about how really cool your body is and to realize that with a little outside help, your body often can heal itself and prevent disease, low energy, reduced libido, and poor concentration and low energy. Many patients notice that they lose weight, sleep soundly, feel more connected to loved ones and feel years younger. And most feel better fast! 


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