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Dr. Traci is a thoughtful, articulate, caring, and intelligent healthcare provider. When it comes to my health I know that Dr. Traci thinks holistically about all decisions and the recommendations she offers. I've recommended many friends to Dr. Traci (and will continue to!) because of the unique, extra personal care she provides with her small practice. This even spans to her team. Once when I was low on my birth control (that she provides to me at no extra cost), one of her teammates directly delivered it to my house, just to make things easy for me, based on my hectic schedule. You won't see this kind of personal touch with large businesses where you're just a number. Furthermore, when I first met Dr. Traci I was struck by how she listened to me so intently and I felt like I had known her for years. She truly is engaged with each of her patients and puts their needs first. She has taken last minute calls or emails from me and handled them promptly. I've also never seen a gynecologist that makes me feel so comfortable and heard at the same time. I put my utmost trust in her. I couldn't recommend Dr. Traci more. I know you will be thrilled to work with her and be in her capable care.
G. B.
Boulder, CO
I first saw Dr. Traci in August 2017. I was overweight, had felt terrible since giving birth nine years ago, had no energy, couldn't think clearly, my memory was crummy. I had no sex drive, could barely get out of bed, and felt awful. After all those years of feeling bad, I thought I would have live that way forever. A friend referred to me Dr. Traci and I will never be able to repay her. Don't waste your time like I did. I spent money and years going to other doctors and never felt better. Dr. Traci got me feeling better, literally within a few days of the first appointment. It's four months later and I feel like my old self that I thought was gone! By they way, no one asked me write this. I actually called her to ask where I could write about how great I feel, I am who I used to be!
Longmont, CO
I reached out to Dr. Shahan after searching for someone who could help me with my menopausal issues especially after many months of not sleeping. It was exasperating all areas of my life. I was not only not sleeping, I was suffering from weight gain, low energy, hot flashes and night sweats. I was surprised to find how open she was and how detailed we got in all areas of my health. Her office is like nothing I have ever experienced. It is comfortable and welcoming. Through our journey I can tell you I have myself back. I am sleeping, my energy is back, I no longer experience night sweats or hot flashes and I have had a considerable amount of unexpected weight loss. I say that because I have not changed my diet or exercise regimen at all. I will have to say I am one of her biggest fans!
Longmont, CO

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