Fertility Care

For many couples, pregnancy occurs easily, for others, conception can present challenges.  Did you know that 1:6 American couples has struggled with becoming pregnant? Did you know that even though most fertility treatments target women, 40% of infertility cases are attributed to the woman 40% to the male and 20% of the time, the fertility causes are due to both male and female reasons. I have helped many, many couples over 22 years become parents and continue to serve patients to become parents. There are many ways that fertility can be diminished so we will look at your lifestyle, your nutrition and hydration status, your stress, chemical and toxin exposures, your sleep, your hormones and will also analyze semen and sperm. Some of my most joyful days at work are those when the patient and I get to see her baby and hear its heart for the very first time. Fertility care is truly a privilege!


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