GYN & Women's Care

Wellness Exams

During annual exams we discuss health history, discuss gynecological concerns and conditions, offer wellness exams with Pap smears. I take pride in making exams comfortable, thorough and with the goal that you leave with more information and feeling more uplifted than when you walked in the door. Should you need additional services such as pelvic ultrasounds or high level consultations, you will be able to schedule them conveniently and quickly.


Birth Control

A variety of birth control options allows women to choose when, or if, they want to become pregnant, and the method that best meets their needs.  As their lifestyles change, many women may imply different methods during their reproductive years.  Dr. Shahan will discuss the pros and cons of various methods and help you choose the best method for you.

Menopause and Perimenopause Care

Gynecological needs are different for a variety of reasons, including age.  For women approaching menopause, we offer comprehensive, compassionate care.  Dr. Traci specializes in treatment of hot flashes, lack of libido vaginal dryness, insomnia, low energy, and mood swings related to changing hormone levels.  

Pelvic Ultrasounds​

I offer ultrasounds and sonohystograms.  The aim of the examination is to look for a reason as to why patient might be experiencing pain, problems, or to look for early signs of anything that may become problematic in the future. Some benign conditions that can cause discomfort include polyps in the cavity of the uterus and fibroids in the muscle of the uterus. Simple cysts are often found on the ovaries, which can cause a range of different symptoms. It is very rare for these conditions to be harmful and most of the time no treatment is needed, some will even go away on their own. Sometimes it is a good idea to monitor these conditions as they can cause changes in the menstrual cycle. For example fibroids can grow causing periods to become more painful and heavy, whilst polyps can cause intermittent bleeding.


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